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Sweet Stack of Joy

RM219.90 MYR

Ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with our Sweet Stack of Joy? Get a kick out of this delightful Tsum Tsum cake! This is not your typical cake; it's a 5-inch wonder inspired by Tsum Tsum that is set to bring joy to every moment. The delicious layers of this Tsum Tsum cake will keep smiles lingering long after the last bite. The intricate design and mouth-watering flavours make this Tsum Tsum cake a standout at any celebration. You won't need a spoon to enjoy this cake; just grab a fork and let the Tsum Tsum cake-inspired adventure begin. With every bite of this Tsum Tsum cake, prepare to immerse in a world of delightful flavours. Let the Sweet Stack of Joy – the irresistible Tsum Tsum cake – brighten up your day!

5" x 2" H (approx. 500g)

4 - 6 Pax

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