Diabetes Ice Cream Cake | Sweet Relief: Glucerna Chocolate Ice Cream – Kindori Moments Sdn Bhd (796564-U)

Sweet Relief

RM198.00 MYR

Presenting 'Sweet Relief,' the Glucerna Chocolate ice cream cake that's a game-changer in the world of desserts. Made especially for those monitoring their blood sugar levels, this diabetes-friendly ice cream cake lets you savor the sweetness of life without the worries. It's crafted with care using Glucerna Chocolate, a diabetes-suitable flavor loved for its richness and depth. 'Sweet Relief' serves up guilt-free indulgence, allowing you to enjoy the creamy, chocolatey bliss that you've been missing. So go ahead, take a bite, and experience the sweet relief of a dessert that's just right for you!

5"×2"×2"H (approx. 450g)

3 - 5 Pax

  • Glurcena Chocolate