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Rexy Treats

RM329.90 MYR

Meet our Rexy Treats, where prehistoric majesty meets modern-day dessert delight! Crafted for the ultimate dinosaur birthday cake experience, Rexy Treats stands tall at 5 inches, spanning 4 inches wide. A work of art as much as it is a treat, this ice cream cake lets you pick two of your favourite ice cream flavours, merging them into a dino-mite taste sensation. Perfect for anyone who's wild about dinosaurs, this dinosaur birthday cake promises to be the roar of any party. Choose Rexy Treats to ensure every bite of your special event is a journey back in time with flavours that are unmistakably now!

Note: Depending on our stock availability, dinosaur toys and some toppers may differ and are not edible.

5" x 4" H (Approx. 1kg)

8 - 12 pax

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