Perfect 5 with Ice Cream Lollipops Combo

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Perfect 5 Pure Ice Cream Cake plus 10 sticks or 20 sticks ice cream lollipop for your party

Perfect 5 flavours : Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango, Strawberry, Mint Choco Chips (2 pc each flavour in a cake)

[Note: For the cake - in any case any the flavours runs out of stock, we will replace with other flavours without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding :)]

Special 1" height pure Ice Cream Cake that already per-cut to 10 slices ready for servings

If some flavor listed above are out of stock, we will replace with another flavor. 

The cake flavors are not allowed to change as it is pre-joined during production, 

7" x 1" H (approx. 500g) with 10/20 sticks ice cream lollipops

8 - 12 pax

Lollipops Quantity