Penguin Cake – Tuxedo Penguin: Flavourful Fun in a Tuxedo! – Kindori Moments Sdn Bhd (796564-U)

Tuxedo Penguin

RM229.90 MYR

Slide into a world of sweet delights with our Tuxedo Penguin cake! Adorned with the adorable design of Sanrio's character, Tuxedo Sam, this 5x2" height cake is more than just a treat - it's an experience. Each penguin cake promises not just a feast for the eyes, but also an explosion of flavors. Dive deep into the world of your chosen flavor and let this penguin cake waddle its way into your heart. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or just because - it's a frosty adventure waiting to be devoured!

5" x 2" H (Approx. 450g)

3 - 5 Pax