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Maneki Neko 招财猫(Pinata Bombshell Cake)

RM190.00 MYR
Maneki Neko Cake 招财猫(Pinata Bombshell Cake)

Maneki Neko is a decorative Japanese figurine, often made of ceramic, which is believed to bring good luck to the owner. Maneki Neko means 'beckoning cat.' Maneki Neko or Luck Cat is a very popular lucky charm from Japan. It is thought to bring prosperity and happiness. This pinata cake, or Maneki Neko Cake, shaped like the good luck cat is a great way to celebrate any occassion with your loved one!

Note:** Toys (if any) on the cake may vary depending on our stock availability. Number candle not included.

Bombshell size 4.5 inch diameter

4 - 6 Pax

Bombshell Option