Simple Korean Birthday Cake | Moonchild Korean Ins by Kindori Moments – Kindori Moments Sdn Bhd (796564-U)

Moonchild Korean Ins

RM139.90 MYR

Meet the Moonchild Korean Ins, an ethereal ode to the night sky! Crafted as a simple Korean birthday cake, it captures the bewitching beauty of a moonlit night. Each layer is a canvas painted with shades of the night, showcasing Kindori Moments' commitment to both flavor and form. When you get a cake this dreamy, it's almost a dilemma: should you admire or should you devour? Embrace the lunar enchantment, make your celebrations shine brighter, and relish a piece of the moon, right from your plate.

5" x 2" H (approx. 500g)

4 - 6 Pax

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