Korean Minimalist Cake Ice Cream Cake| Blue Cake Simple Yet Elegant – Kindori Moments Sdn Bhd (796564-U)

Blue Lagoon Korean Ins

RM119.90 MYR

Dive into the enchanting world of the Blue Lagoon Korean Ins! Covered in a dreamy blue cream with delicate handwritten touches, this cake embodies the essence of the Korean minimalist style. A perfect blend of simplicity and elegance, this Korean Minimalist Cake stands as a testimony to the adage: less is indeed more. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just craving a slice of minimalistic heaven, our Korean Minimalist Cake is the ultimate treat to satiate your desires. Let the taste transport you to the serene landscapes of Korea, where minimalism meets mouth-watering delight!

5" x 2" H (approx. 500g)

4 - 6 Pax