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Glowing Tsum Pops - Tsum Tsum Bouquet

RM130.00 MYR
Experience the magic with our "Glowing Tsum Pops", the perfect embodiment of a delightful Tsum Tsum Bouquet! This Tsum Tsum Bouquet of ice cream lollipops transports you to the whimsical world of Tsum Tsum characters. Each cylindrical-shaped box of this enchanting Tsum Tsum Bouquet contains ten delightful lollipops, each representing a fascinating flavour and beautifully decorated with cute Tsum Tsum characters. But the magic of our Tsum Tsum Bouquet doesn't stop there. Embedded with stunning lights, every lollipop in this Tsum Tsum Bouquet gives off a mesmerising glow, making it a feast for both your eyes and palate. Our Tsum Tsum Bouquet brings a unique charm to any event, making it more memorable whether you're a Tsum Tsum fan or just in search of a special sweet indulgence. Relish the magic and sweetness of our Tsum Tsum Bouquet as you savour these delightful delicacies! Note: Flowers are not edible, and decorations may vary depending on our stock availability.

10pcs Ice Cream lollipops (approx. 230g)

1 lollipop for 1 pax

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