Durian Ice Cream Extravaganza | Unveiling Durian Family D24! – Kindori Moments Sdn Bhd (796564-U)

Durian Family D24

RM60.00 MYR

Step into the royal realm of flavors with our Durian Family D24! Celebrate the rich and creamy essence of durian ice cream, crafted into endearing durian shapes. It's not just a treat, but an experience - when one slice of Durian King doesn't do the trick, let the entire durian family elevate your senses. Relish in the unique fusion of delectable sweetness and impeccable texture, designed especially for you, the die-hard durian devotee. But wait, the durian journey doesn't end here – remember to explore our "Durian King" and "Mini Durian" for more durian ice cream escapades!

approx. 300g

1 - 2 Pax

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