Dinosaur Cake Design Bombshell Pinata | Cute Adorable Dino Cake – Kindori Moments Sdn Bhd (796564-U)

Cute Dino (Bombshell Pinata Cake)

RM280.00 MYR
Step into a world where cuteness meets prehistoric with our Cute Dino Bombshell Piñata Cake! Designed especially for those who love their dinos with a dash of delightful charm, this cake is an adventure waiting to be unveiled. Every slice of our dinosaur cake design promises a taste sensation, but the real magic lies at its heart – crack it open, and watch the cascade of surprises tumble out. Beyond its playful exterior, our Cute Dino cake is a symbol of joy, discovery, and of course, irresistible flavor. Note: The dino toys perched atop may vary based on availability, but every cake delivers a huge chunk of fun!
Note: Toys on the cake may vary depending on our stock availability.

Bombshell diameter 6 inch

8 - 12 pax

Bombshell Option