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Dino World

RM279.90 MYR

Step into a delicious prehistoric journey with our Dino World dino cake! A treat that's as delightful to the eyes as it is to the taste buds, each dino cake boasts intricate dinosaur patterns that are sure to capture the heart of every dino lover. Crafted with premium ingredients for a taste sensation, every bite promises a dino-tastic flavor experience. What's more? Pair your dino cake with two mouthwatering ice cream flavors of your choice, be it classic vanilla or exotic ones like Dark Chocolate and mint chocolate chip. Dive into the Dino World experience and discover a fusion of dino cake delight and ice cream bliss. And remember, while our dinosaur toys add a touch of Jurassic charm, they're just for fun and not for feasting!

Note: Depending on our stock availability, dinosaur toys may differ and are not edible.

6" x 2" H + 2.5" x 2"H (Approx. 850g)

7 - 10 Pax

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