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Butterfly Kisses Mochi Medley

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Butterfly Kisses Mochi Medley is a whimsical collection of 8 mochi ice cream balls, each a tender kiss of flavor to celebrate Mother's Day. From the tropical kiss of mango to the soothing embrace of matcha, and the indulgent touch of chocolate, each mochi is a tribute to the diverse sweetness of motherly love. This assortment includes strawberry's freshness, the tang of yogurt, classic vanilla, exotic passion fruit, and refreshing mint with chocolate chip. Adorned with delicate butterfly decorations symbolizing transformation and grace, this collection is more than just a mother's day gift idea; it's a heartfelt experience of love and appreciation, making every bite a memory to cherish.

8pc x 60g each mochi ball (Total approx. 480g)

3 - 5 Pax

  • Mochi Balls mixed Flavours : Strawberry, Mango, Chocolate, Matcha, Yogurt, Vanilla, Passion fruit & Mint Choco Chips