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Blossoming Berry Bouquet

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Unveil the sweetness of the Blossoming Berry Bouquet, a sumptuous 5 × 2 inch strawberry ice cream cake designed to celebrate the queen of our hearts – our mothers. This frozen delicacy is a symphony of ripe, succulent strawberries folded into velvety ice cream, each spoonful blossoming with the taste of affection. Elegantly dressed with a garland of tissue and satin ribbon, and crowned with a sparkling "Happy Mother's Day" topper, it's the ideal gift for mother on mother's day. Served as a heartwarming tribute, it's not just a dessert, it's a frosted flower arrangement that says "I love you" in every slice.

5" x 2" H (approx. 450g)

3 - 5 Pax

  • Strawberry