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2D Comic Cake

RM199.90 MYR
Introducing our unique "2D Comic Cake" experience in a cupcake design! Dive into the dark chocolate top layer, skillfully crafted with a 2D comics cake flair. This 2.5-inch round x 2-inch height portion is a dark chocolate wonder, representing the best of 2D comic cake designs.

But wait, there's more beneath!

The bottom boasts a tri-layered treat. Picture a Neapolitan cake transformed into a 2D comic cake masterpiece. Each 6-inch round x 3-inch height layer unfurls a favorite flavor: creamy vanilla ice cream, tangy strawberry ice cream, and the beloved chocolate ice cream. It's a 2D comic cake sensation, gorgeous to gaze upon and even more delightful to devour. Dive into the unique world of 2D comic cake with each bite!

Top Flavor : Dark Chocolate ( 2.5inch round x 2inch height)
Bottom Flavor : 3 Layers with vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, chocolate Ice Cream ( 6inch round x 3inch height )

Top 2.5" x 2" H + Bottom 6" x 3" H(approx. 1.125kg)

8 - 12 pax