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2 become 1

RM161.00 MYR
When it comes to dessert, why choose one when you can have two? Say hello to '2 become 1' - our dual-flavored ice cream cake that's twice as nice. In this tasty treat, we've artfully combined your choice of two ice cream flavors into one mouthwatering masterpiece. Whether you're a fan of classic Vanilla and Chocolate or you're more adventurous with your flavors, you can create the perfect pair in this ice cream cake. '2 become 1' is all about the harmony of tastes coming together, making it the perfect centerpiece for any celebration. So, get ready to scoop up the fun and enjoy the perfect ice cream cake combination that's as unique as you!

7" x 2" H (approx. 1kg)

7 - 10 Pax