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Ice Cream Zong Zi Dumpling 冰淇淋粽子

Ice Cream Zong Zi Dumpling 冰淇淋粽子
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  • Cake Size: Approx. 95g each ( 2 in a Set)
  • Estimated Serving: 1 - 2 pax
  • Model: K-Signature
  • SKU: SEASON-62

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First Ice Cream Zong Zi| Chinese Dumplings Ice Cream | Kindori Moments

Ice Cream Dumpling Zong Zi, special made by Kindori Moments. It's our freshly made ice cream on the outside. The inside has a filling of ice cream with ice cream mochi. Just take them out of the freezer and enjoy delicious Ice Cream Dumpling zong zi, enjoy the Zong Zi (Dumpling) in a different way.

One set come with two flavours (one each):

1) Matcha, Strawberry Yogurt and Chocolate Mochi
2) Strawberry, Vanilla and Mango Mochi

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