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Valentine's day

21st Birthday Celebration
21st Birthday Celebration
Graduation Celebration
Roman & Friendship Celebration

Who will be your Valentine? Whoever the lucky lover is, tell them how you feel with a delicious Kindori ice cream cake!

We all know the best way to their heart is with cake. What better way to show your love and appreciation than with a cake. We can personalise it with your Valentine's message and deliver it to your Valentine's door. We also have a beautiful range of  Valentines's day cupcakes, and personalised balloons. 

Why not surprise your love one by sending a Valentine's cake by post? Our famous letterbox cake can be posted through their door, so why send a card when you can send cake!

Order by 2pm for next day delivery, and arrange the cake to be delivered to their door. If you order a cake online 3 days in advance then you get free delivery!

Whatsapp us at 017 641-5778 | Email:

"My heart is perfect because you are in it." So, give me your love, all your love... this Valentine's day :)The lychee rose flavour is created specially for this design, it indicates sweet sweet love - presented on a classy wine glass, means your love is risen up. "Raise your love, I'll meet you ..
Not every 2 persons can meet, understand and grow the relationship to the next stage. This limited edition Heart2Heart is specially created for the couple who love to acknowledge each other's importance for being in each other's life. It demonstrates 2 hearts, 2 red roses, all represents ONE by ..
Paris is always known as the City of Romance. The beautiful snow globe with a couple miniature, dating in front of Eiffel tower. Light up the snow globe and it's really pretty. Fall in love, stay in love and love all the way. We only live once. Have a super romantic and sweet one. Happy Valentine's ..
The Encounter The Encounter
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The Encounter comes with a beautiful and romantic snow globe, demonstrating how a couple is fated to meet each other, given there is more than 7 billion people in the world. Just like how you and your another half meet :) You can light up the snow globe and it's just a beautiful gift to put on your ..
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XOXO = I love you with lots of hugs & kisses! This design is made of a 4" round shape cake (yogurt flavour) with a heartshape within (strawberry+raspberry flavour). Beautifully decorated with Valentine Days's theme. It is also to represent: I'm giving all my heart to you! Very grateful to have y..
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