Surprise Call by Song Bar

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Surprise Birthday Call | Say It With A Song | Professional Musician from Song Bar

Surprise Call by Song Bar

While you're trying to pick out a gift for your mother, father, girlfriend or boyfriend, you decide it's just not going to happen and that the only thing they'll like is a song dedication. And while they might like the surprise they will also like to know who sent them this great birthday message over the phone. Well, now all your worries are finally over because we have Song Bar; a professional team that specializes in delivering an excellent music experience with every order placed.

Frequently Asked Question..

1. Can I make a last minute song request for today?


The cut off time for the same-day call request is 4pm.


2. What if my recipient does not pick up the call?


At least three (3) call attempts will be made between 10am-10pm on the scheduled call date. If all attempts failed, we will send a text message to introduce ourselves and inform the time of our next call attempt. If it fails again, your message and song request will be sent via a Whatsapp voice message to the recipient. Anyway, we guarantee a successful delivery of your song request and message to your loved ones! 

我们会在点歌日期的上午10点 - 晚上10点之间联系ta。 考虑到可能ta在忙,我们会尝试拨打至少3次。若还没接通,我们会给ta发信息说明目的和下个拨打时间。万一还是失败,我们将以 whatsapp语音方式把歌曲和留言发送给ta。不管怎样,保证把惊喜送到!

3. I can't find the song i want. What should I do?


Please understand that this is acoustic live music over the call, some songs may not be suitable for acoustic performance or four our musicians. However, if you have a song in mind, you can either contact us.

For all custom song requests, please allow us to check with our musicians first before confirmation. We shall contact you if we are not able to perform the song requested. :)



4. What if I want to be mysterious, or anonymous?


You can leave a remark in your order if you wish to be anonymous.

We suggest to always provide an identifiable sender name. This is because in case our call is mistaken as scam, reliable information of yourself (sender) will help us to explain to the recipient and deliver the call successfully.



5. Who are the musicians? 


They are all professional musicians who have performed on stage for years, and may cost you 10 times more usually.


6. When will I receive my add-on video of the call?


It takes up to 3 working days to process your add-on video and will be sent to you and your recipient on Whatsapp.