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Moonlit Mango Bliss

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Dive into a tropical paradise with our 'Moonlit Mango Bliss', a 5-inch mango mooncake ice cream that radiates with sunshine and happiness. This lusciously smooth mango mooncake ice cream captures the pure, tropical sweetness of ripe mangoes, mingled with the cooling bliss of our high-quality ice cream. Every slice of this mango mooncake ice cream offers a refreshing taste of summer, making it an ideal treat for any festive celebration or a perfect escape on a warm day. This mango mooncake ice cream is not just a dessert, it's a burst of joy, a celebration of flavour, and a tribute to the king of fruits. Elevate your mooncake experience with our 'Moonlit Mango Bliss' mango mooncake ice cream!

Flavor: Mango ice cream 

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5" W x 4.5" H (approx. 450g)

3 - 5 Pax

  • Mango