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Lunar Bunny Hops - Special Mooncake

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Hop into the festive spirit with our 'Lunar Bunny Hops' special mooncake! These playful treats come in the delightful shapes of donuts and macaroons, and are bursting with an array of delectable flavours. For donut lovers, we offer the classic goodness of Vanilla, the rich indulgence of Dark Chocolate, and the fruity charm of Strawberry. Our macaroon shaped special mooncake brings a tropical twist with Mango, a refreshing bite with Mint, and a sweet treat with Strawberry. Each special mooncake offers a unique sensory experience that goes beyond tradition and caters to the contemporary palate. Enjoy a mooncake festival like no other with our 'Lunar Bunny Hops' special mooncake!

 Flavor:  Donuts-Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry
              Macaroon-Mango, Mint, Strawberry

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4" W x 4" H (approx. 270g)

1 - 2 Pax