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Sparkling Mom

Sparkling Mom
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  • Cake Size: 12 lollipops (approx. 280g)
  • Estimated Serving: 6 - 10 pax
  • Model: K-Designer
  • SKU: SEASON-56

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Mothers Day Cake 2021 | Ice Cream Lollipops for Super Mom | Kindori Moments

Mother's Day Cake 2021

Sparkling Mom

Mothers day cake with a touch of sparkle from our full line of ice cream lollipops that are sure to please mothers day! Sparkling mom mothers day lollipops with lights are a great gift for the mom who loves to spend time with her kids. Comes with 12 ice cream lollipops (random flavours). The light up center of the cake is sure to bring smiles all around.

Note: Deco may vary depending on our stock availability.

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