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Ice Cream Cake Pop | Popsicles in Lollipop Shape | Kindori Moments Party Package7"Round Ice Cream Cake + 16 sticks Ice Cream Lollipop ComboOne ice cream cake come with 16 sticks ice cream lollipop & special decoration.Cake Box size: 11" x 11" x 9"(H)Cake Weight: 1.0KG..
RM197.30 RM259.90
Calling all Oreo Lovers. This limited offer Oreo Club Ice Cream Cake comes in different flavours (all with your favourite oreo inside):-Chocolate OreoLatte OreoMocha OreoMint OreoVanilla OreoYogurt Oreo..
RM119.90 RM119.90
Perfect 10 Pure Ice Cream Cake plus 20 sticks ice cream lollipop in flower pop for your partyPerfect 10 flavour : Vanilla + Strawberry + Sumiyaki Coffee + Black Sesame  + Dark Chocolate + Matcha + Sweet Corn + Mango + passion fruits + Mint Chocolate Chip[Note: For the cake - in any case any the..
RM149.90 RM189.80
Perfect 5 Pure Ice Cream Cake plus 10 sticks or 20 sticks ice cream lollipop for your partyPerfect 5 flavours : Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, mango, Strawberry, Mint Choco Chips (2 pc each flavour in a cake)[Note: For the cake - in any case any the flavours runs out of stock, we will replace with other f..
RM119.90 RM154.90
Yayy!! When you want to try just 2 flavours of our ice cream cake and happy to go with some surprises... then yes!! Go with Perfect Duo :)It's a mix of any 2 flavours made available at point of purchase on our call. Let us surprise you :)Size: 7" round, 1" height10 pieces, 2 flavours. (Note: Fl..
RM69.90 RM89.90
Valentine Gift You Complete MeA tiny round heart being held by a pink pillow as it resembles of how fragile yet stunning a heart can be.3" pillow Ice Cream Flavour : Strawberry Yogurt Heart shape flavour : Dark ChocolateNote:  deco may vary depending on our stock availability...
RM89.90 RM89.90
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