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Lucky Bag 开运金喜福袋

Lucky Bag 开运金喜福袋
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Estimated Serving: 8 -10 pax
  • Cake Size: ce Cream Pint (approx. 350g) + 25 lollipops (approx 925g in total)
  • Model: K-Pop
  • SKU: SEASON-79

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Lucky Bag 开运金喜福袋

Chinese New Year Gift | CNY Hamper Lucky Bag | Kindori Moments

Lucky Bag comes with one Ice Cream Pint (mango ice cream) + 25 ice cream lollipops (mixed Flavours), best way to send luck to friends and family this Chinese New Year. 

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CNY Hamper Ice Cream

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