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Ice Cream Mooncake

Ice Cream Mooncakes 

The full moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival symbolises the reunion of family and friends, from Musang King durian ice cream to cempedak with coconut, try out these unusual flavours for mooncake festival this year with Kindori Moments. Are you ready to amaze your family with these ice cream mooncakes? This Year, we comes with 5 unique designs:

Celestial Mooncakes

Our new ice cream mooncake series with an elegant twist to it. With traditional symbols representing autumn, it will definitely fit the mood of the festival. 


Cute ice cream mooncake series with the fun and popular emojis  decoration on top. Playful children will definitely enjoy this lovely treat! 

Moonlight 千里共婵娟

Limited Edition Moonlight Giant ice cream mooncake as gift this Mid-Autumn festival. Celebrate with family and friends this special moonlight mooncake specially brought to you by Kindori Moments.

Perfect Hapiness 花好月圆

A Special Big Ice Cream Mooncake. Indulge in ice cream cakes intricately designed to look like mooncakes. Deco beautifully with Mid-Autumn Greeting and edible rabbit made from yogurt ice cream and comes with lights too. 

Happy Reunion  中秋团圆

First in Malaysia, 9 pcs of ice cream macaroons with Mid-Autumn Festival Deco. Macaroons flavours included Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango, Mint Choc Chips, Oreo Vanilla, Mango Passion.

Come with 5 exciting Flavours:

Strawberry with Mango Yolk

Mint Chocolate Chips with Dark Chocolate Yolk

Cempedak with Coconut Yolk

Coconut with Mango Yolk

Musang King Durian Mooncake


The normal packing of ice cream mooncakes can only last 30 minutes outside of the freezer with cooler bag provided. Please store the ice cream mooncakes in a freezer when you reach your destination if you are not consuming it immediately.