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Mini Cake

21st Birthday Celebration
21st Birthday Celebration
Graduation Celebration
Roman & Friendship Celebration
Transformer Bumblebee. Boys birthday cake featuring everyone's favourite transformer, Bumblebee. Get this special mango flavour (all we want is Yellow) ice cream cake with Transformer Bumblebee head shape for your kid birthday this year.Note:** we will replace the mango ice cream with any other..
Valentine Gift White AngelThe small lights warms up the fluffy atmosphere as two tiny hearts settle beside each other, with a pair of angel wings behind them.3" Ice Cream Flavour : Vanilla..
Valentine Gift You Complete MeA tiny round heart being held by a pink pillow as it resembles of how fragile yet stunning a heart can be.3" pillow Ice Cream Flavour : Strawberry Yogurt Heart shape flavour : Dark ChocolateNote:  deco may vary depending on our stock availability...
Valentine Gift You Had Me At HelloThis flourish design with cake and led lights shows how lavish one means to you.3" Love Shape Ice Cream Flavour : Strawberry YogurtNote:  deco may vary depending on our stock availability. (Sparkle Candle included)..
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