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Unicorn Cake

21st Birthday Celebration
21st Birthday Celebration
Graduation Celebration
Roman & Friendship Celebration

Unicorn cakes are the stars of all unicorn parties!

There are so many magical cake designs to choose from that picking the perfect one can be quite daunting.

Explode our Unicorn Cake designs and choose the perfect one for her this year.

Celebrate birthdays and other special occasions with our uniquely designed unicorn cakes and macaroons all handmade with love. They will light up every party and will surely inspire you to chase your dreams and aspirations.

If you're looking for something a little different how about joining two mini 3 inch unicorn cake for her. Suitable for small celebration. This cake is so sweetly decorated with beautiful cream and fondant made horn and ear. What more can a girl wish for?..
Unicorn Birthday Cake MalaysiaCelebrate her birthday with this Rocking Unicorn Cake. This cute and simple Unicorn cake is a perfect unicorn theme cake for your little one. Various flavours to choose from. Place your order today to enjoy free delivery...
Unicorn Birthday CakeThe Unicorn has become the hot favorite of a number of children. Take your kids birthday party and other important celebrations to a whole new level with a cute-looking The Unicorn that will make them smile and enjoy...
Unicorn (Bombshell Cake)Unicorn dream comes true. A unicorn theme design bombshell cake fill with happiness. Make this one of the most memorable birthday for your kids..
The gradient rainbow fondant made hair covering this cake is absolutely stunning, as is the fondant unicorn and its rainbow mane. A gold horn and ears complete the look and give this cake it's unicorn look...
Unicorn Giant Cupcake (Bombshell Pinata Cake) Adding more fun and colour into your life with this Colourful Unicorn Giant Cupcakes Bombshell Cake, a unique splash of colour and wonder to your celebrations with this Beautiful Uncorn Giant Cupcakes.  Unicorn dream comes true. A unicorn theme..
An exquisite ice cream macarons delicately decorated to resemble unicorn faces. These Unicorn Macarons are a fantastic treat for any magical occasion! Unicorn Macarons Are the Sweetest Dessert EVER. 9 pcs in a set comes with Strawberry, Chocolate, Mango, Mint Chocolate Chips, Oreo Vanilla,..
Girl's birthday mini number cake with unicorn theme design.  Unicorn design Number Cakes! The perfect way to celebrate your day!Number weight:Mini Number 1 - approx 210g (Estimated serving 1 - 2 pax)Mini Number 2 - approx 370g (Estimated serving 3 - 4 pax)Mini Number 3 - approx 270g (Estim..
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