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Birthday Cake Flavors Malaysia

21st Birthday Celebration
21st Birthday Celebration
Graduation Celebration
Roman & Friendship Celebration

Human are gifted with a sensitive tongue that tastes a lot of different flavors. Each of us is born with a different preference against different flavors. Some would prefer sweet, some would prefer tasteless. Just like some would always eat the Vanilla flavored ice cream and some would always take the chocolate one. However, there are a lot that prefers variety. As for cakes, some would prefer a casual chocolate cake, some would prefer a different mango flavored cake. Kindori has all of them prepared for you. Freshly made from real imported fruits (not powder pal!). 

If you ever want to try different flavors of cake, try Kindori birthday cakes! We provide a variety of fruit-based cakes or coffee and chocolate cakes. Shop for details!

All time favourite durian ice cream with cute durian shape, enjoy the fun to the max. When the Durian King is not enough, go for durian family! :)Yes it is created for you, dear durian lovers. :) (Note: There are "Durian King" and "Mini Durian" too. Check them out!)..
This is specially created for durian lovers!!! Is it you? :)It is around 200g per piece (around palm size), it's made with premium quality durian puree. (Note: There area "Mini Durian" and "Durian Family" too. Check it out!)..
Cute Musang King Ice Cream | Durian Ice Cream | Order Online at Kindori Moments All time favourite durian ice cream with cute durian shape, now comes with Musang King durian flavour, enjoy the fun to the max. Yes it is created for you, dear durian lovers. :) ..
Indulge your senses into a variety of ice cream slice cakes to have a blast of flavours. Grab our exclusive Perfect 5 made up of 10 slice cakes in 5 delectable flavours. (2 slices per flavour).Perfect 5 flavours : Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, mango, Strawberry, Mint Choco Chips (2 pc each flavour in a c..
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